“I need to get more work.” If you have said this you are on the right website.


Get more work though a professional online presence.


Gain more attention and sales by displaying your work online.


Your words are quickly shared and look their best online and printed.


Help with paperwork and directories for estate agents and owners.

We all want to get more work. Imagine having enough enquiries that you can choose the jobs and commissions you do.

Advertising in directories and the local paper is no longer as productive as it once was.

I’m A Virtual Assistant Who Helps You Get More Work

Appearance Important To Increase Business

From the the clothes we wear to the vehicles we drive, we choose and pay for things that give a good impression, or one that matches our chosen profession, our identity.

This is also important online. Our website, social media and documents sent to clients all need to match that identity. I can help you with all of that. I start with you and what you already have and move forward from there. If you want to make a complete change, that’s okay too.

Awareness Grows Your Company

No matter how great we are at what we do, it’s no good if people don’t know it.

People are now looking on Google and social media when they need our services, instead of the more traditional media.

So we must make sure our business can be seen there and stand out so people choose us.


Social Media
Website –
Seo Strategy


MS Word
Excel Docs


Copy Typing
Audio Typing
Minute Taking
Book Typing
Podcast Typing
Video Transcription

A Multi-Skilled Remote Worker

How many new skills have you developed since you started trading? The plumber who installed my bathroom was able to do electrical work, tiling, installation of a new ceiling and ceiling lights and is also a qualified log-burner fitter.

Similarly I started out typing, but over the years I have added to my skills and can help with all of the above. Like you, I never stop learning – even if things change a lot.

My Clients Say

I am indebted to you for undertaking all my work. To sort out my bits of paper and present them content in a coherent fashion was quite remarkable. You were so helpful in every way.

GSF Oswestry

Whatever you are doing Liz, it’s working. I’ve had more enquiries in the last months than in the last 12.

I am booked up for the next 3 months and can choose what work I do.

MB Weston Rhyn

I was more than pleased when she delivered the finished slides. Her ideas for the layout of the slides and her ideas were spot on for the project and left to my own devices, I’d never have created anything like she delivered.

TT Newcastle


A portfolio of completed work will show potential customers what you are capable of. This is then shown on your website and is shared on your social media sites. Shown below is my own portfolio of some recent jobs done for different clients. Or go straight to view Client Work


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Get More Work

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