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Why Have A Newsletter?

Have You Wondered Why Everyone Has A Newsletter?

Everyone seems to have a newsletter nowadays, have you wondered why that is? A quick look at Facebook, Twitter and other social media and you will realise that they have changed what you see in your newsfeed. If you haven’t liked or shared someone’s post for a while, you won’t see their posts. It’s annoying because you never see posts of people you have followed on purpose. You might even forget them.

Is that happening to your posts? Are you posting to social media but Twitter and Facebook are stopping your followers from seeing them? Is this having a negative impact on your business?

Or even worse, do you find it hard to find time to post to social media? What about people who don’t look on social media very much. How can you get their attention?

Of those who do see your posts do you know who is clicking on links to your website?

Is there a way you can be sure a potential client will be reminded of you on a regular basis and see your new ideas and latest offers? Wouldn’t it be good if you could send certain offers to different types of clients based on their business model or location etc?

Start A Newsletter

A newsletter is a fantastic way to drum up more business. That is why so many companies have one. Have you bought something online then received regular emails of different offers from that business? Have you ever clicked on an offer you have seen and bought something?

A quick “Have you ever …?” survey of my family and friends revealed that we have all bought something as a direct result of receiving an email.

Many people do. That is why having an email newsletter is so popular.

What Might Be Holding You Back From Starting a Newsletter?

It may be that what is putting you off having a newsletter is that it is yet another tech challenge. You may have already had a look round MailChimp but got quickly bored or thought it looked a bit too complicated.

I understand that you started your business to spend time doing what you enjoy and find easy and that sending emails to a list of subscribers was definitely not part of your plan.

Don’t Get Left Behind

Newsletters are The Thing at the moment. Your competitors are feeding their offers into your potential clients’ inbox. They might even be sending newsletters to your existing clients.

I Will Send Your Newsletter For You

I have been sending out newsletters, mailshots and mass mailing since the early 90s. So if you would like me to send your newsletter for you please call 07974 701526 or email me at I would love to hear from you and what you want to achieve.

I can work from audio or a typed piece so if you’re not really a words person, you can use the voice recorder on your mobile; record a message and share via email, together with any pictures. Learn more about the typing service I provide and a few starter prices.

 A newsletter typing service in Wrexham


WhatsApp? For Small Business?!

If you have started running a small business no doubt you have already had to learn a huge number of apps you may never have heard of before. Before you say “I thought WhatsApp was for teenagers” take a minute to read this and think again. I’m going to give you 4 good reasons why you should use WhatsApp if you don’t already.

Before you say,

“I thought WhatsApp was for teenagers”

take a minute to read this and think again. I’m going to give you 4 good reasons why you should use WhatsApp if you don’t already.

Be visible every time your contact looks at their phone contacts list

When you first sign up to WhatsApp there is 1 thing you need to do;

Tap the Menu button and tap Settings. You will see a space for a picture. Add your logo here. WhatsApp works on phone numbers in the user’s phone, not on followers or email addresses held. This means anytime someone with your number scrolls through their contacts they will see your business. Free advertising!

Messages are encrypted

This makes it a safe way to send sensitive information. That is very rare nowadays.

Easy calling and video calling

Now, I don’t know about you but I’ve only just signed up for Skype. I have to say I felt slightly intimidated by it and signing up took some time. Add to that the fact that when I did eventually use Skype it didn’t quite work right, it put me off. I’m sure plenty of people successfully use Skype every day but I have heard of people suffering glitches with it.
WhatsApp, on the other hand, makes video calling really easy. Simply choose your contact, tap the phone icon and choose Video Call.

You can send larger files than you can by email

Most emails send up to about 10 mb, That is okay for sending text but once you start sending pictures or videos you can quickly get unstuck. WhatsApp (currently) sends files up to 64mb. As well as videos and pictures it also sends pdfs, Word and Excel files.

Not just for teenagers

So WhatsApp isn’t just for teenagers. I think the oldest person I know who uses it is in their late 70s. You can use it on your pc or laptop – type web.whatsapp into your browser and follow the instructions – and you can create groups with a number of contacts in it for a group chat.

However, if you do know a teenager who uses it, I can recommend a surprise Video Call for someone who you think should be up but you know probably isn’t!

I am alway happy to help my clients get to grips with new apps either via video call or in person if you live in the Wrexham or Chester area. Call me on 07974 701527 or email

Tech Support for WhatsApp, Wrexham


Why Use Twitter For Business and How To Do It

Do you have a business website with a link to Twitter? You will notice that nearly every website does. You need to be sure that when your potential clients click on that link there is something relevant for them to see.

Having a Twitter account is like walking into a room full of people.
Not using it is like not talking to anyone in that room.

Imagine what your website visitors will think if they click on the Twitter icon and see an inactive account. They need to know that your business is active. Whilst your website may show what you do, your social media accounts show who you are. That can make a difference between a potential client choosing you or another business. If you follow no-one and don’t tweet, what is that going to say about you?

Even though you are busy enough as is with the work you actually get paid for and other paperwork if you have a website with a Twitter link you are missing a trick if you don’t at least keep it up to date.

If you haven’t used social media before it is an excellent place to start. If you already use Facebook you will find Twitter a piece of cake.

And before you start saying you thought Twitter was just for following celebrities or for politicians to make themselves look cool, take a minute and see how Twitter can be used by your small business.

Setting up a Twitter Profile

It doesn’t take long to set up a Twitter account but do at least go to the profile page, (top right corner on a laptop or swipe from the left on mobile), tap edit profile and change the egg picture to one that represents your company, preferably your company logo. There is also a backdrop picture so if you have a photograph of some recent work put that there.

There is an offer of a link to your website. You need to add it.

If you are struggling with this and have kids over the age of 10, I’m sure they will be happy to help. Everything is changeable so you don’t need to worry about mistakes.

Who to Follow

Despite the offer to follow a TV Channel or some sport, there are lots of interesting and relevant businesses out there to follow. This is important because if you don’t follow anyone, very few people will follow you. Those followers are your potential clients.

Twitter has a huge business following for good reason, so why not make the most of it?

Are your potential clients mostly in one area or town? Use the search icon (a magnifying glass) and type in your town name. Click or tap any you like the look of.

If you want to push the boat out put a # (known as a hashtag) before your town name. This will bring up people who are talking about your town. You are now officially welcomed to the 21st century.
You can repeat this action with any interest you have ie #F1, #ManchesterUnited #golf #SmallBusiness

Now you are following some people and businesses, people will start following you back. Your business is now more visible.

Twitter was my first introduction to Social Media and I found it incredibly easy. In the UK there are a number of competitions run by @ADG_IQ and @TheoPaphitis and others where you can find like-minded business owners who will happily follow you.

Ways to use Twitter

There are three ways you can use Twitter, you can:


By making regular updates you let visitors to your website know that your business is alive and kicking. This is your best way forward for starters. One photo or comment a week, or even a month will help visitors to your website see you, your work or your products.


Your town or area will have an hour when local businesses chat, for me, it is #NorthWalesHour. Type a comment and add #NorthWalesHour and everyone who wants to chat in that hour can see your tweet.

If you do a search using the same hashtag you can also see everyone chatting in that hour. This makes you more visible to local businesses. It is also an effective way to meet potential clients and similar business owners. Many people, including myself, have received work through these hours.

My particular favourite is #SmallBizHour at 9 pm on a Tuesday evening. There is always a topic relevant to small businesses, plus a good natter. I have learnt a lot and laughed a lot during this “TweetChat”. Another favourite is #CreativeBizHour where creative business owners share their work and have a catch-up.


Send out 10 or 20 or more tweets per day broadcasting information about your service. This takes quite a bit of work and there are mixed opinions on this. If this is the way you want to go you can hire someone to do this for you.

Linking Twitter to other apps

One thing I really love about Twitter is when you are ready to take the next step. As you may be aware, once you start using Twitter for business you can post updates from other apps such as MailChimp, HootSuite, Buffer etc and every single one links very easily to Twitter. It is, at the most, a two step-process once in the app you want to link.

  1. Click/Tap link to Twitter
  2. Type in your password

If you already have Twitter open on your laptop or pc you don’t even have to type in your password. Couldn’t be easier. That is why I love Twitter. It is easy.

Bonus Info

If you use Twitter on your laptop you can change the blue backdrop colour to your favourite or your own brand colour through Profile, Edit Profile, Theme Colour.

I do hope you find this blog helpful, Twitter is well worth using if you run a small business. You can run it yourself or ask a Virtual Assistant to run it for you (or a helpful teenager if you have one).

I can help you set up a profile or keep your Twitter Feed up to date, call me on 07974 701526 or email, or you can, of course, contact me via Twitter at

Help for Twitter, Wrexham


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