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Auto post to Instagram

Posting to Instagram can be a faff.

Until recently even when using Buffer and Hootsuite you still needed to go in and post manually after a reminder.

Not Any More!

You can now post directly but there are three things you need to ensure to post directly;

1️⃣ Your IG profile needs to be a business profile

2️⃣ You need to go into settings on that profile and do a whole link through to a Facebook page thing to enable direct posting.

3️⃣Your picture must have a ratio of 4:5 or 1:1.91, easily adjusted in your photo editor.

Only one image can be posted at a time, but you can add text.

I’m delighted by it. It takes all of the faff out auto-posting to IG and you can post from any device.

So, if Instagram is part of your marketing strategy, it got a whole lot easier!

Will you use this facility? Do you use it already?

How To Get A Daily List Status Update From MailChimp

Ding, dong ding dong diiiing says my mobile phone every morning to report that my client has a Daily List Status Update from MailChimp. That tune is music to my ears because it means my client has more subscribers to his mailing list.

How to get a Daily List Status Update From MailChimp

How does that happen? How does he get a daily influx of subscribers? My client is based in Wrexham, between Chester and Oswestry but people sign-up from around the world.

I can tell you one thing, his website doesn’t just sit online with hundreds of people searching it out every day. No.

It Starts With a Fantastic Offer

My client has a fantastic offer, despite that it could still be the world’s best-kept secret if nobody knew about it. So he hires me.

His list grows because every day I post to social media on his behalf. I post to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. I tell people what is available and also leave a link for them to subscribe. Therefore, every day, people do sign-up to his list.

Two Things To Increase Your Mailing List

In conclusion, what two things does it take to get people to get those magic words: Daily List Status Update from MailChimp?

  1. A great offer
  2. Daily posting to social media

Yes it is that simple. Also, you don’t need to worry about GDPR because each you have proof of consent from each of those new subscribers.

If you are too busy to post to social media at the moment, or you are not tech savvy I’m always here to help. Check out my blog for tips and hints or look at my Social Media Services.

Imagine having that daily delivery to your inbox from MailChimp: here’s how your business did today on MailChimp – new subscribers!

call me on  07974 701526 or


Daily List Status Update from MailChimp Wrexham


9 Steps To Start A Newsletter So You Can Get More Sales

Do You Need To Start A Newsletter?

Start a newsletter! That’s what you’ve decided but it can be very daunting. Yet another thing you need to do. And with all the hype over GDPR it can be even scarier. When we start something new there is always a learning curve. Everyone told me I needed to start a Newsletter, but they didn’t tell me the things I needed to do. I had to find out myself.

What sort of things were they? The legal stuff, the things that help you get people to sign-up and the unexpected.

My Free Gift To You

I’ve put a pdf together so you can get your hands on that information before you start a newsletter. And because (I have to confess, I need reading glasses sometimes now), I’ve prepared it so you can read it on your phone and don’t need a 15″ laptop to read it on.

You can get your hands on my free pdf : 9 Steps To Start An Online Newsletter – you’ve guessed it- by subscribing to my mailing list. You can always unsubscribe again afterwards, I won’t be offended but if you’re thinking of starting a newsletter you will find the emails I send you very helpful.

Get Your Free pdf here

Thank You For That

My newsletter has been going a while now.  There is always something new to learn and I share what I learn with my subscribers. It’s such a good way to keep in touch with people and I love to hear from you, what you think and anything else you would like to know which I can add to a future newsletter.

Don’t Let GDPR Put You Off

If you would like to start a newsletter but the reams of information about GDPR is putting you off, read my blog,

The One Thing You Need To Know About GDPR

It applies to people like myself, people who run their business single-handedly, without employees. If you keep records of the under 16s you need to take extra care and I would be pleased to help you with that.

Did You Subscribe To My Mailing List?

Thank you, but if you didn’t, here is the link again to 9 Things You Need To Know Before You Start A Newsletter

Get Your Free pdf


Start A Newsletter


A Transcription Service Will Enhance Your Business

Prefer to listen instead of read? Listen to this page on SoundCloud


Have You Ever Thought About Using A Transcription Service?

A transcription service is probably something you never thought about when you started your business. But then again how many services have you started using since you started your business that you never thought you would? You have a website or Etsy site, you may use social media channels you have never used before, Drop Box and maybe even MailChimp.

So why would you add transcription service to that list?

Using A Transcription Service Is Part Of Being A Professional Business Owner

Let’s just think about this for a minute. If you think of someone dictating their work, who do you see? A solicitor, an accountant, a professor? Why do they do that? It is because time is money and they know that their time is better spent “doing what they do” than typing and other admin. They understand that by outsourcing tedious work they have a higher income.

If you feel nervous about doing dictation you can read my article

6 Steps To Excellent Dictation

Why Not Just Use Voice To Text Software?

Voice to text software is improving all the time and can be very helpful – if it can understand you! I’ve heard some funny stories about the software typing the VERY wrong thing! Whilst it does type the words you have spoken, what it can’t do is format it, add bold and italics, format a table or a form. The software doesn’t know when you are asking a question and put a question mark. It can’t guess a word for you either.

If you say, “You know, that Greek pudding that sounds like balaclava”, that is (hopefully) exactly what it will put. On the other hand, I will be able to guess you mean Baklava.


I can insert text directly into your WordPress website or into your Newsletter. Or I can return text as a Word document or a PDF. I listen to how you talk and add the right punctuation.

Your life will be so much easier. You talk and get a fully formatted document in return that you can share with pride.

 Blog Transcription Service

When you love creating, the last thing you want to do is pause your work and start blogging. It can take the joy out of your business. By recording your blog and sending it for transcription your blog can be completed in a quarter of the time. I can type straight into your WordPress website, with your permission of course, or send the text back to you for insertion.  This will leave you free to focus on the work you love.

Newsletter Transcription Service

A good newsletter is a mixture of pictures, videos and text. If you provide the images and a recording of any text I can prepare your newsletter.  If you would like to send the newsletter yourself I can return the text to you ready for insertion. Or I can deal with the whole newsletter business for you leaving you free to get lost in the work you love.  If you would like to learn more about this, please call me on 07974 701526 or email

Client Phone Call Transcription Service

Client instructions are often received over the phone or via a video call or conference call. When taking notes do you find you can’t read them back afterward? Or that whilst writing your client’s instructions you are thinking of ideas immediately but can’t write those down too? Many people record a call which can be useful but this needs to be played through each time you want to review it.

I can transcribe a recorded client call so you can review the conversation and make notes at your leisure. You can be sure that you catch everything your client has said and asked for. That, in turn, means the work you do for them will be to a much higher standard.

Coaching Call Transcription Service

Is this a service you are providing to your coaching clients? Part of the service you provide them may be a long chat about their work, you may also provide a recording of that chat. However, your client is busy, they may not want to keep playing back an hour’s recording, instead, they may just want the highlights.

A transcription of the phone call will make you stand out from your competitors, giving your clients something extra that other coaches do not provide. They will be able to take notes and review the conversation at ease. It will also give you some easy to review notes too.

You could factor the price into your coaching cost or add it as an extra service.

Complaint Call Transcription Service

When making a serious complaint it is very important that you are clear on what was said. Many people keep a recording of the conversation. However, what if you want to escalate the complaint? You may want to obtain a transcription of the complaint telephone call. This will show the company you mean business and may result in a quicker settlement of the matter, saving you money and time in the long run.

Scam Call Transcription Service

How many scam calls do you receive each day? The majority of mine seem to arrive at around lunch time. Some scam calls are more serious than others and if you have real concerns you may want to pursue the matter. How can you get more people to back a campaign or see the matter as serious? They may not be willing to listen to a whole recording, especially if at times the diction of the scammer is unclear. A transcription of the recording can easily be distributed to assist you in your campaign.

Small Biz Geek based in Nottingham used this service to uncover a company trying to scam web developers. You can read about it here and see how important transcription of phone calls was in showing the fake nature of the supposed web regulation company

Proclaimed Web Industry Regulator Sells Low-Quality Business Leads

Video Transcription Service

Everyone will tell you if you want to market your business, you need to use videos. They are certainly eye-catching and they work. They work because people are busy. However, if your client or customer is busy and a fast reader you may find they do not stop and take the time to watch your video. The reason being they want something they can skim read, something with headings that they can have a quick look through and absorb. A transcription of your video will make it appeal to both groups of people – those who watch and those who read. This could double your business reach. It will make your business stand out amongst your competitors. The end result? Yours will be the business that grows faster.

A website that does this successfully is and you can see an example on

How To Start A WordPress Blog The Right Way

I have to admit, I am one of those people who tend to skip a video and look for something to read instead. Especially a tutorial. I like to go back step by step and analyze what is said.

I can transcribe from a wide variety of video recordings. Once you are happy with the transcription the document can be converted to a PDF for easy download.

Podcast Transcription Service

Do you use podcasts as part of your marketing or training? Imagine if you could double their reach. A transcription of your podcast can reach people who prefer reading to listening. It can be reviewed and annotated by those who can benefit from it most.

I can provide a downloadable PDF of your podcast that enhances your website.

Which File Types Can I Transcribe From?

The following is a list of known file types from which I can transcribe.

Audio FilesVideo Files

If a file type of yours is not shown I’m happy to try it out or attempt to convert it to a type from which I will be able to transcribe.

How Much Does It Cost?

1 Minute Recorded Speech
One Person Speaking
Minimum £15

Save Yourself Time

Call Liz Bailey on 07974 701526 or email me at I’m happy to chat about how I can help you out.


Transcription Services



Newsletter FAQ

How often should I send my newsletter

There are 2 rules on this is:

  • If you have asked people to sign up to a monthly newsletter you are limited to sending them 1 monthly newsletter. Instead, ask people to sign up to your mailing list.
  • Be consistent

Generally speaking, send what your clients want to receive. If your clients are busy and you want to keep your business in front of them send a monthly or bi-weekly newsletter with the occasional extra special offer. You can usually tell from the “click-thru” rate whether your emails are being well received and whether you can increase frequency.

What is the difference between a newsletter and email marketing?

A newsletter is a form of email marketing. It is what it says on the can. Once you have got the hang of this you may want to try using automated emails to send a string of emails to gently nudge a potential client to a certain conclusion.

Is MailChimp the only programme that will send a mass email?

Not at all. There are many. Email programmes like Google and Thunderbird have easy to use add-ons (you download an extra building block).

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) programmes will also send mass emails. Again there are usually limits with you having to pay to send out a decent number. Once you get into using these programmes though it is often worthwhile using the paid versions.

There are many other email programmes like MailChimp around, however that is currently the most well known.

Do I have to get permission to send mass emails?

If you live in the UK, Yes. Although laws vary from country to country.

Do I need to register under Data Protection?

In the UK you can self-assess using the link below:

How can I stop my emails going being treated as Spam?

There is no absolute answer and if you are writing to large businesses or IT companies, emails from companies like MailChimp go straight to “quarantine”. There are some steps you can take though.

  • Make sure you have permission from every subscriber to send your newsletter
  • Ask your subscriber to add you to their address list
  • NEVER copy and paste from Word (it adds extra code)
  • Personalise your email using merge fields

How can I personalise my emails?

When using a mass email programme you will notice they offer different “fields”. A field is a column of information in your list that varies with each subscriber. So if you have a column named “First Name” if you type Hi {First Name} or *[First Name]* into your email it will address each recipient individually.

If you are new to merge fields you might want to play around with this first with a test list to get the hang of it.

Use of merge fields requires careful list management, for instance, I once received something addressed as “Hi Love”!

The sky is the limit with this, the more information you have about your subscribers the more you can personalise, however you need to use careful wording to make up for any blank fields in a subscriber list.

Can I send an email to just one person on my MailChimp List?

Technically, yes you can. You would have to put that person in a “hidden group” all on their own and send your email to that group.

Can I resend a newsletter?

Yes, you can. You could just resend to subscribers who haven’t opened it yet. You could change the heading too in order to try and get more attention.

What If I Need Help With My Newsletter

Call me, Liz Bailey on 07974 701526 or email

I provide a variety of newsletter packages to suit your needs, whether they be weekly, monthly or other email marketing.

Newsletter Typing Service


Build Some Love For Your Newsletter List

How Can You Increase Your Newsletter List?

Now that you have decided to send a newsletter, how can you increase your newsletter list? The most important thing is:

To Increase Your Newsletter List Have a Fantastic Offer or Free Gift That Can Only Be Accessed By Signing Up To Your Newsletter

What do you have to give that won’t cost you much but that your potential client will really appreciate? Here are a few ideas. You will probably come up with more.

  • What about a quick drawing using their initials, like a personal logo?
  • Maybe you could offer a free image they can print off themselves.
  • If you felt up to running a Facebook group to help others learn about the skills you have, it could be access to that group requires them to give you their email address.
  • Do you have a piece of information a “How To” that your potential client would be willing to relinquish their email address for?
  • You may have a video or webinar that people have to sign-up for, giving their email address.
  • Other businesses simply don’t put prices on their website and offer a price list in exchange for some-one signing up to their mailing list.

Broadcast Your Offer

  • If you attend network meetings or marketing events you can take a flyer with you that mentions the offer.
  • Get in touch with your existing contacts to let them know your fantastic offer and asking them to sign-up.
  • If you primarily market via social media repeat tweet or post. “Pin” the tweet or post to the top or your profile.

Make It Easy

Make it easy for your client to sign-up. All MailChimp lists come with an automatic sign-up form. You can have it inserted onto your website or email, post or tweet the link.

Getting Help To Grow Your Newsletter List

I’m full of bright ideas about how you can use your newsletter to drum up more business; no doubt you are too. Call me, Liz Bailey on 07974 701526 or email

I provide a variety of newsletter packages to suit your needs, whether they be weekly, monthly or automated email marketing.

Grow Newsletter List


Get More Business From Your Newsletter

Now that someone has given you their email address and permission to email them how can you make the most of this opportunity and get more business from your newsletter?

Treat their trust with respect

You have been given something very precious by your potential client, an email address and permission to send regular messages. It is like your relationship has moved onto an improved footing so regularly give them something back in return.

This could be news about you personally that you don’t share with anyone else, the first look at your blog or access to offers that won’t be available to those not on your list. This adds value to your newsletter and will encourage your potential clients to stay subscribed and opening your newsletter every time it arrives in their inbox.

Speak to one person

Copy an age old radio presenter’s trick, don’t imagine your whole audience but imagine you are writing this as a direct email to your favourite or ideal client. Your email doesn’t need to speak to everyone, it needs to speak to people you want as your client.

Make the most of the statistics available to you

MailChimp provides statistics of who has opened or clicked on what. Make the most of this. It gives you two vital pieces of information

  1. Who is likely to be your next client.
  2. What catches people’s interest the most (hint – Videos do)

Be clear what action you want your reader to take

Whether you want your reader to email you, ring you or buy something let them know that. Equally importantly, MAKE IT EASY for them. Add a link or a phone number. We are all busy and more likely to take action if it is easy.

In Summary

  1. Give your subscriber something that is only available to them.
  2. Think about what you want the subscriber to do.
  3. Tell them what you want them to do.
  4. Leave a link so they can do that with just a click.

Newsletter Tech Support

There are so many different options in sending mass emails, MailChimp is very popular and is all singing and dancing. The question is not what can it do but what do you want it to do for you?

If you have thought about sending a newsletter but decided that learning another programme is just too much,  call or text me on 07974 701526 or email to We can chat about your requirements and the best way forward for you. 

 Use Your Newsletter to Get More Business


Why Have A Newsletter?

Have You Wondered Why Everyone Has A Newsletter?

Everyone seems to have a newsletter nowadays, have you wondered why that is? A quick look at Facebook, Twitter and other social media and you will realise that they have changed what you see in your newsfeed. If you haven’t liked or shared someone’s post for a while, you won’t see their posts. It’s annoying because you never see posts of people you have followed on purpose. You might even forget them.

Is that happening to your posts? Are you posting to social media but Twitter and Facebook are stopping your followers from seeing them? Is this having a negative impact on your business?

Or even worse, do you find it hard to find time to post to social media? What about people who don’t look on social media very much. How can you get their attention?

Of those who do see your posts do you know who is clicking on links to your website?

Is there a way you can be sure a potential client will be reminded of you on a regular basis and see your new ideas and latest offers? Wouldn’t it be good if you could send certain offers to different types of clients based on their business model or location etc?

Start A Newsletter

A newsletter is a fantastic way to drum up more business. That is why so many companies have one. Have you bought something online then received regular emails of different offers from that business? Have you ever clicked on an offer you have seen and bought something?

A quick “Have you ever …?” survey of my family and friends revealed that we have all bought something as a direct result of receiving an email.

Many people do. That is why having an email newsletter is so popular.

What Might Be Holding You Back From Starting a Newsletter?

It may be that what is putting you off having a newsletter is that it is yet another tech challenge. You may have already had a look round MailChimp but got quickly bored or thought it looked a bit too complicated.

I understand that you started your business to spend time doing what you enjoy and find easy and that sending emails to a list of subscribers was definitely not part of your plan.

Don’t Get Left Behind

Newsletters are The Thing at the moment. Your competitors are feeding their offers into your potential clients’ inbox. They might even be sending newsletters to your existing clients.

I Will Send Your Newsletter For You

I have been sending out newsletters, mailshots and mass mailing since the early 90s. So if you would like me to send your newsletter for you please call 07974 701526 or email me at I would love to hear from you and what you want to achieve.

I can work from audio or a typed piece so if you’re not really a words person, you can use the voice recorder on your mobile; record a message and share via email, together with any pictures. Learn more about the typing service I provide and a few starter prices.

 A newsletter typing service in Wrexham


Are You A Technophobe Or Techno-Bored?

A friend told me the other day they are a technophobe – as they handed me their phone to sort out. I wondered though, are they really a technophobe or are they just techno-bored”?

Are you on Facebook?

I’ve noted that even self-confessed technophobes have Facebook and play games online. Therefore, it crossed my mind that maybe if you are a more hands on person is it just the thought of picking up an unfamiliar programme and all the messing around until you get familiar that puts you off?

I must admit that some apps are really easy to get to grips with and can be managed easily from my phone or tablet but others have me pulling my hair out. Some apps are easier to use on a PC, others on a handheld. What have you found?

I’m guessing you’re only going to use an app if it really has benefit to you or is really easy to use.

My 3 favourite apps

To help you out I’m going to share my 3 favourite apps with you, they are

  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp
  • Buffer

And just because your mind has probably gone on a little wonder by the end of that list I’m going to leave you in peace now and tell you what I like about Twitter next time, quickly, so you don’t get bored.

I’m full of bright ideas like this. If you don’t like tech much and would like help with that side of the business, call Liz Bailey on 07974 701526. I can handle that side of the business for you whilst you get on with the work you love.

Help I'm a Technophobe


How To Outsource Successfully

Your business is growing and it’s all because of you. Even if you have done everything entirely yourself so far you really do need to consider outsourcing. Some, however, find this difficult. Why is this and how can you outsource successfully?

What is outsourcing?

First of all, let us look at the definition of outsourcing.

To contract work out. To obtain goods or services from an outside service.

By those standards you already are outsourcing. Did you build your computer yourself (ok so maybe you did clever clogs but did you mine the copper for the wiring?) Did you build your own desk and chair? No, you outsourced to obtain these products. We all outsource in our personal life too, what about haircuts? meals out? car repairs? these are all services that we successfully outsource.

Why should you outsource?

If you are quite a clever person and skilled not only at your job but other things too, you might feel that you are the best person for each job in your business. You probably are, but the saying is “You can do anything, but not everything”. What will happen if you continue to try doing everything yourself now your business is getting so busy?

Your business will suffer, you might get burnout, your family life might suffer, your health might deteriorate. And think too of why you decided to start up your own business in the first place. Wasn’t it just to avoid exactly those things?

Another reason some do not like outsourcing is they feel they have been let down before. This may be the case, but don’t let that put you off, try these tactics and have another go.

Choose the right company or person

You need to choose the right company or person for the job. The chances are the first place you are going to look is Google, but just because a company comes at the top of that list does not mean they are the best person for the job.  It does mean they have a good SEO expert though.

Ask around. If you know people in similar businesses to yours, ask who they use. They will be flattered that you asked.

Try looking at Social Media. You are most likely making full use of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and probably some others. Do a search, look through your current followers or look closer at people you currently chat to regularly. Can you see someone there who might be able to help or point you in the right direction? Let’s face it, it would be nice to find a company or person who you know, like and trust and this is a good place to find them.

Start with smaller tasks

Try out the company or person with small tasks first and evaluate their performance. Was the job done on time? Did they communicate well? If a price was given did they stick to it? Can you see ways that they can help you more as your business grows? You might want to try out more than one company or person for these smaller tasks to see how they compare.

Give clear instructions

Be clear in your instructions. Both you and the company or person should know what is expected including how often progress reports are to be made, a timeline/deadline and agreed cost. Put these in writing if only briefly.

There also needs to be an understanding of how much can be left to the discretion of the company or person doing the job or any guidelines that you want them to work within.


Be sure to provide all information needed, this will save time and money in the long run and means you will not be receiving messages asking for this. Although it may be difficult to share some information, the more you can communicate to the designated company or person, the better job they can do.

Communicate with others

Take a moment to consider whether you may need to make known to other businesses or people the arrangements that you have made.

Do not micro-manage

Once you have outsourced the task do not try to micro-manage it. No two people do the same job exactly the same way. It is the results that matter. If you have a technique that you think can speed up the process be sure to offer some advice but if the company or person is achieving the expected results do not insist they take it.

Review performance

Once the job is completed review the work done. Even when you have been outsourcing to the same company or person for some time always make random checks. This will help you stay in control and keep standards up.

Relax and enjoy the benefits of outsourcing

Once you have chosen a company or business you will find you have more time for your family, the work you enjoy and actually get paid for and you will be able to expand your business. You may even have a little extra time to enjoy other activities or sports that you have temporarily put on hold.

Benefit too from looking at the company or person you have outsourced to. They have may use different processes, systems or programmes to achieve the same results as you. Do not see this as a fault, look to see if you can learn anything from them that could help your business.

How I can help

If you are reading this, the chances are you may be thinking of outsourcing or will be doing so at some point in the future. I provide a typing service for help with blogs, newsletters, emails and social media posts, all the things essential for marketing your business. By dictating these on your smartphone voice recorder you can get that work done in a quarter of the time, leaving you more time for the work you actually get paid for. If you work alone it is an extra person “in your corner” too.

Let’s chat on 07974 701526 or email to see how I can help your business.

Help with outsourcing



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