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Easy Speed Typing Hack

This easy speed typing hack can help you regardless of your current typing speed.

Ever wondered if you could speed up your typing? Us touch-typists have trained and practiced but there is a simple hack used by most transcriptionists and speed typists that you may not know about.

Very Little Typing Required

An easy speed typing hack can be accessed using the auto-correct options in Microsoft Word. The video shows you how to access these options and use them to speed up your typing. This is especially helpful if you frequently type the same long words or phrases.

Easy Speed Typing Hack Video

What Speed Typing Hacks Do You Use?

I might have been typing for (coughs discreetly) years, but I’m always happy to learn new tips and ideas. In fact, sometimes because of my training and a tendancy towards perfectionism I go the long way round and I love to hear how people make life easier for themselves. What do you use to speed up the time you spend typing?

Do you use voice type and how do you get on with it? It can be very useful and I am always here to tidy up your document afterwards – to provide the extra sparkle required.

So do get in touch with any of the ideas you use.

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Do you have any questions. Please do let me know – it might be the subject of my next video.

Typing Projects

I help with a variety of typing projects including books, memoirs, forms and dissertations to name just a few. It will enable you to provide a professional finish much quicker than doing it yourself. Visit my typing services page.

Contact Me

You can contact me by telephone 07974 701526 or email and I will be happy to discuss how I can help you.

Family History In The Outer Hebrides

Letters From The Islands

To preserve family history, I was asked by a client to digitise typed letters sent during the years she and her husband lived in the Outer Hebrides. My client had lived there for over 20 years so as you can imagine there was a lot of information. She and her husband had worked really hard during their time on the Isle of Harris, had become thoroughly involved in the community and had many adventures.

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Memoir Writing Is Important To Preserve Family History

Memoir Writing Saves Precious Recollections

As time passes, I realise that memoir writing is important. I know it sounds a bit morbid, but after a parent or grandparent has passed away, have you ever asked yourself “I wish I had asked them more about …..”?

Only the other day I found out things about a family member, that I had never heard before which absolutely blew me away.

A Precious Gift To Your Family

1960s Wedding Memory

That is why more and more people are recording their memoirs, together with some photographs, in a book format. That book can then be gifted to family members. What a precious gift.

What Is Memoir Writing?

A memoir is a collection of memories of a certain situation. It could be your whole life, what led to you being where you are now, or it could cover a particular time or event in your life.

A Life Story Saved Online

Did you know that you can also add a text version of your memoir to adding photographs separately? That means that any relatives finding you will be able to read your history. That will be so exciting for them.

I am often asked to type memoirs and it is so interesting. Most often I am given a handwritten manuscript, however I can also type from an audio recording.

How Do I Record My Memoir?

As I said above, I can type from your handwriting, but you can use a video or voice recorder on your phone to record your memories. Or you can buy a cheap app for your mobile – Express Scribe produced by NCH software. This will enable you to easily pause, play-back and continue what you have recorded.

A recorder makes it easy to record the reminiscences of an older relative as you, with their permission, ask questions and record their answers.

A Book You Can Share

Once I have your history down in digital format, you can forward to a publisher or I can provide a digital document that looks like a book, complete with page numbers, contents page, and photographs.

For further details about my typing services including prices, view my typing page, or call me on 07974 701526 to ask about availability.

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