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PowerPoint Presentation Design

PowerPoint presentation design might seem quite easy, after all, most school children know how to create PowerPoint presentations, even in primary school. It’s an excellent skill for children to learn and feel confident with.

Professional Design

However, my client, Tracey Tait of The Menopause Training Company provides training courses to Blue Chip companies and she needed a presentation that would look professional and still have a friendly feel. She wanted an excellent design and she wanted me to prepare the 14 presentations for her.

Additionally, Tracey needed more than one type of slide, she needed photographs some on the left, some on the right, bullet points, lists and some slides with paragraphs. She also might need to add extra slides at some point and wanted to be able to do this herself on short notice without having to keep returning to me.

Agree a Professional PowerPoint Design

After discussions with my client, she emailed me her logo and we agreed we would use her logo colours which she was able to provide.

Tracey also sent screenshots of similar presentations to give me an idea of what she was looking for.

A Master PowerPoint Slide

The next step was to create a Master Slide. This slide showed the logo as a footer on each page, how different headings would look and a few additional arty lines in brand colours to enhance the slide and give it a more professional appearance. We also agreed on the font we would use.

Sub-Master Slides

The client wanted different types of slides, therefore I created a standard photograph and text slide, a standard bullet slide, a standard list slide, a standard paragraph slide etc. The purpose of this was so the client could see what they would look like and decide whether she liked it or not. We also needed a front heading slide and a final “goodbye” slide.

It also means she can use these in the future if she wants to add an extra slide or create a new presentation.

The client’s logo was a good design to use for the bullet points. I gave her an option of small or large bullets and she opted for the smaller ones.

Here are a couple of the slides I designed.

Picture Slides

When adding a picture to an MS Office document such as Powerpoint or Word, the picture has a habit of landing in its original size, which is rarely the size you need. Time is then needed to try and resize the picture to fit and getting consistently sized pictures every time can be very tricky.

I was able to alter the photograph boxes on the slides so that each photograph or picture would insert straight into the box at the required size with minimal time spent on alterations. This saves time messing around trying to change the shape and size of the picture inserted and will make my client’s life a lot easier.

All PowerPoint Presentations Returned To My Client

I prepared all the slides for my client’s first presentations, adding all the text, bulleted lists etc leaving her to add the pictures when it was convenient.

I also sent her copies of the Master Slide and masters of the different slide types she will use.

What My Client Said About The Design and Presentations

This is the lovely testimonial from my client:

Creating and designing slides for Powerpoint is really not my strong point so when I contacted Liz and she said she could take them off my hands, I was so pleased.

I was more than pleased when she delivered the finished slides. Her ideas for the layout of the slides and her ideas were spot on for the project and left to my own devices, I’d never have created anything like what she delivered.

She didn’t stop there. She provided me with a template that I could work from easily myself for any additional presentations the project required.

Now I have a set of very professional slides that fit seamlessly alongside the branding of the project.

Tracey Tait

Did you know?

Find Your Logo Colour

If you send me your logo I have tools that can find the computer names for the colours in your logo. This means you can use those colours in all of your design and branding giving a more professional look.

Your Personalised Font

If you have a unique font I can load this, or one similar, into my computer so the same font is used throughout all of your branding and design.

Contact Me for PowerPoint Presentation Design

If you want a professional PowerPoint presentation design that reflects you and your business, give me a call or send me an email. You can call me on 07974 701526 or email me at

You can see some of the other work I have completed in my Completed Work section.

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Easy Speed Typing Hack

This easy speed typing hack can help you regardless of your current typing speed.

Ever wondered if you could speed up your typing? Us touch-typists have trained and practiced but there is a simple hack used by most transcriptionists and speed typists that you may not know about.

Very Little Typing Required

An easy speed typing hack can be accessed using the auto-correct options in Microsoft Word. The video shows you how to access these options and use them to speed up your typing. This is especially helpful if you frequently type the same long words or phrases.

Easy Speed Typing Hack Video

What Speed Typing Hacks Do You Use?

I might have been typing for (coughs discreetly) years, but I’m always happy to learn new tips and ideas. In fact, sometimes because of my training and a tendancy towards perfectionism I go the long way round and I love to hear how people make life easier for themselves. What do you use to speed up the time you spend typing?

Do you use voice type and how do you get on with it? It can be very useful and I am always here to tidy up your document afterwards – to provide the extra sparkle required.

So do get in touch with any of the ideas you use.

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Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel where I cover various things that can help you run a small business including Microsoft Word, Mailchimp and Social Media.

Do you have any questions. Please do let me know – it might be the subject of my next video.

Typing Projects

I help with a variety of typing projects including books, memoirs, forms and dissertations to name just a few. It will enable you to provide a professional finish much quicker than doing it yourself. Visit my typing services page.

Contact Me

You can contact me by telephone 07974 701526 or email and I will be happy to discuss how I can help you.

Family History In The Outer Hebrides

Letters From The Islands

To preserve family history, I was asked by a client to digitise typed letters sent during the years she and her husband lived in the Outer Hebrides. My client had lived there for over 20 years so as you can imagine there was a lot of information. She and her husband had worked really hard during their time on the Isle of Harris, had become thoroughly involved in the community and had many adventures.

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