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Memoir Writing Is Important To Preserve Family History

Memoir Writing Saves Precious Recollections

As time passes, I realise that memoir writing is important. I know it sounds a bit morbid, but after a parent or grandparent has passed away, have you ever asked yourself “I wish I had asked them more about …..”?

Only the other day I found out things about a family member, that I had never heard before which absolutely blew me away.

A Precious Gift To Your Family

1960s Wedding Memory

That is why more and more people are recording their memoirs, together with some photographs, in a book format. That book can then be gifted to family members. What a precious gift.

What Is Memoir Writing?

A memoir is a collection of memories of a certain situation. It could be your whole life, what led to you being where you are now, or it could cover a particular time or event in your life.

A Life Story Saved Online

Did you know that you can also add a text version of your memoir to adding photographs separately? That means that any relatives finding you will be able to read your history. That will be so exciting for them.

I am often asked to type memoirs and it is so interesting. Most often I am given a handwritten manuscript, however I can also type from an audio recording.

How Do I Record My Memoir?

As I said above, I can type from your handwriting, but you can use a video or voice recorder on your phone to record your memories. Or you can buy a cheap app for your mobile – Express Scribe produced by NCH software. This will enable you to easily pause, play-back and continue what you have recorded.

A recorder makes it easy to record the reminiscences of an older relative as you, with their permission, ask questions and record their answers.

A Book You Can Share

Once I have your history down in digital format, you can forward to a publisher or I can provide a digital document that looks like a book, complete with page numbers, contents page, and photographs.

For further details about my typing services including prices, view my typing page, or call me on 07974 701526 to ask about availability.

Old Morris Minor

3 Reasons I Won’t Judge Your Spelling

Please excuse the spelling and handwriting

So say many of my clients. I really don’t mind some dodgy spelling though, in fact, I welcome it and this is the reason why.

Bad spelling is often a sign of a creative mind

Our minds work in odd ways and it seems that people who are very visual find the words on a page thing a bit of a puzzle. They also find the English language very odd. Two too and to or there and their, I won’t go on.

I wouldn’t want you to judge my drawing or painting

I know a lot of people with a talent that astounds me. They draw, paint, make things and have endless ideas. I really wouldn’t want them to judge (or even see) my drawings. I can make it as far as stick men but that’s about as far as it goes. We all have different things we find easy so we shouldn’t look down on others who find these things hard.

Its My Job, Not Yours

My job is to produce a well presented document which has accurate spelling and grammar. I expect you to get lost in your work and keep your creative flow.

My Tip To You

Always spell a word as it sounds. It may not be correctly spelt but everyone reading it will understand what you mean. And apostrophes (‘) – if you’re not sure, don’t. This is because people are more likely to notice a wrong one rather than a missing one.

You can also use a programme on your pc such as which automatically highlights any spelling or grammatical mistakes and helps you fix them.

Is Spelling Important?

Yes and no. Spelling helps people understand us. When writing for ourselves and people who know and understand us already it’s not important. If we need to fill in a form, or make an impression on someone we don’t know, it’s more important to get it right. In that case, it is better to ask a family member friend or VA to help you rather than spend hours stressing out about it.

I work for creative people, who prefer visual things to the written word, people with lots of ideas and not a lot of time. If I can help you therefore, either with your social media, some typing or transcription, please call me on 07974 701526 or email to I will be glad to help.

Help with Spelling

A Transcription Service Will Enhance Your Business

Prefer to listen instead of read? Listen to this page on SoundCloud


Have You Ever Thought About Using A Transcription Service?

A transcription service is probably something you never thought about when you started your business. But then again how many services have you started using since you started your business that you never thought you would? You have a website or Etsy site, you may use social media channels you have never used before, Drop Box and maybe even MailChimp.

So why would you add transcription service to that list?

Using A Transcription Service Is Part Of Being A Professional Business Owner

Let’s just think about this for a minute. If you think of someone dictating their work, who do you see? A solicitor, an accountant, a professor? Why do they do that? It is because time is money and they know that their time is better spent “doing what they do” than typing and other admin. They understand that by outsourcing tedious work they have a higher income.

If you feel nervous about doing dictation you can read my article

6 Steps To Excellent Dictation

Why Not Just Use Voice To Text Software?

Voice to text software is improving all the time and can be very helpful – if it can understand you! I’ve heard some funny stories about the software typing the VERY wrong thing! Whilst it does type the words you have spoken, what it can’t do is format it, add bold and italics, format a table or a form. The software doesn’t know when you are asking a question and put a question mark. It can’t guess a word for you either.

If you say, “You know, that Greek pudding that sounds like balaclava”, that is (hopefully) exactly what it will put. On the other hand, I will be able to guess you mean Baklava.

I can insert text directly into your WordPress website or into your Newsletter. Or I can return text as a Word document or a PDF. I listen to how you talk and add the right punctuation.

Your life will be so much easier. You talk and get a fully formatted document in return that you can share with pride.

Which File Types Can I Transcribe From?

The following is a list of known file types from which I can transcribe.

Audio FilesVideo Files

If a file type of yours is not shown I’m happy to try it out or attempt to convert it to a type from which I will be able to transcribe.

How Much Does Transcription Cost?

1 Minute Recorded Speech
One Person Speaking
Minimum £15

Save Yourself Time

Call Liz Bailey on 07974 701526 or email me at I’m happy to chat about how I can help you out.

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