Keeping Kids Occupied Is A Major Parenting Priority

You are out and about and you need to keep your kids occupied for five or ten minutes. However, you don’t want them playing a noisy game on your mobile or looking at inane YouTube videos.

Or, you are trying to work from home and you need something to keep your little one occupied. The problem is it seems they want to be like you and work on YOUR laptop.

There is a little trick I have used many times to keep the under fives, with a desire to do one tiny drawing per page, occupied.

You Need Two Things

The two things you need are Adobe Acrobat Reader downloaded on your mobile or tablet and a Blank PDF. I have prepared one for you to save you the time of creating one.

You can choose from many apps, all designed at keeping your kids occupied. I like this one because of its simplicity and the fact that I have one on my phone anyway.

Watch this video to see how easy it is:

I hope that it works for you. Let me know if it manages to keep your little ones occupied for more than 5 minutes.

Working from home can be challenging, especially during school holidays or when the children are little. You may find the blog You Can Enjoy School Holidays When You Work From Home helpful.

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