Why use a typing service? Doesn’t everyone type nowadays?

I am often asked the above question, to an extent it is true, but see how much you can benefit by using my services.


We live in a visual world.

If you want people to pay attention, CVs, blogs, newsletters and reports need to look good and easy to read. I add headings, bullet points and numbering without you having to think about it. In Word I can make forms, columns and tables to your instructions. Anything I type can be turned into a pdf for easy download.


Are you one of those people who prefer to put their ideas on paper and just let the words flow? It can be very tedious to then type these manuscripts, especially if it is a book. I’m pretty good at reading dodgy handwriting and can get stuck into typing your manuscript whilst you concentrate on your characters and the story you are weaving around them.


Unless you are a complete Ninja courtroom typist you won’t find anyone typing as fast as they talk.

I work from a voice recording – there’s a basic one on your phone or you can buy an all singing and dancing one for £6.99 from your app store. It’s called Express Scribe from the company NCH.com  and is very easy to use.

This will help you produce the same or better work in a quarter of the time or less. You will also find it increases creativity.

Try it. You won’t believe the difference it will make to your output and your flow as you share your ideas.

Spelling and Grammar

Some creative people lack confidence with spelling and grammar. Whilst I agree it is not the be all and end all of life there are times when it is important. You express your ideas, I will deal with spelling and grammar.

Conference Call Transcription

Client instructions are often received over the phone or via a video call or conference call. When taking notes do you find you can’t read them back afterwards? Or that whilst writing your client’s instructions you are thinking of ideas immediately but can’t write those down too? Many people record a call which can be useful but this needs to be played through each time you want to review it.

I can transcribe a recorded conference call so you can review the conversation and make notes at your leisure. You can be sure that you catch everything your client has said and asked for. That, in turn, means the work you do for them will be to a much higher standard.

“Great service! Liz managed to complete my work within a tight deadline that I had, work was to an excellent standard ! Would recommend Liz to anyone !” – Gordon Hughes, Wrexham

Typing Service Prices


Copy Typing£12 per thousand words
Audio Typing£1.10 per spoken minute
(1 Person)
Blog TypingFrom £15 per month
Newsletter TypingFrom £25 per month

If you live in the Wrexham area I can collect work from you.

Go On Try It

Get your smartphone and use the voice recorder to record your next blog. How does it feel to just speak what you want to say? You can send it to me at


If you still aren’t sure, check out my blog post 6 Steps to Excellent Dictation

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